How to Identify the Signs of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is a severe problem that affects individuals and families of all backgrounds. Although many of its victims are women, men can be affected too. Domestic violence has vast and far-reaching implications for many aspects of life. It is essential to know how to identify the signs of abuse before they worsen. What Is Domestic Violence? There is no single definition of domestic violence, but it generally involves: Physical violence or threats Psychological abuse Sexual abuse Financial control Stalking behavior Any of these behaviors must be directed at another person in an intimate relationship to be considered domestic violence.


Planning Your Estate as a Veteran

After serving their country, veterans deserve time and care when it comes to planning their estate and setting up how they will live the rest of their lives. To thank them for their incredible service to the country, veterans receive several benefits to help them through the later stages of their lives. Because of this, it’s important to consider your estate and how you’d like your assets distributed. Whether you are looking at benefits you can utilize as a veteran or veteran benefits that can help your family as they care for you later in life, an attorney can help


How to Overcome Combative Co-parenting

Millions of children every year are affected by combative co-parenting. This is when parents constantly argue, which begins to spill over into their parenting. This can make it difficult for children to feel safe and secure and can even lead to behavioral problems. No child should feel stuck in the middle of their parents’ conflict. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to overcome the adverse effects of combative co-parenting and position your children for success. Understand That Co-parenting Is Hard, but It’s Worth It It’s important to understand that co-parenting will not always be easy. In fact, it


Potential Benefits of a Postnuptial Agreement in Metro East, IL

Many people throughout the United States carry common misconceptions about prenuptial contracts and what they can accomplish. A prenuptial contract is a legal agreement between married spouses that dictates their respective financial rights and responsibilities in their marriage. This type of contract can help marrying spouses establish separate property rights, allocating their respective responsibility for specific debts as well. While this provides significant financial protection to both divorcing spouses, many believe the suggestion for a prenuptial agreement signifies a lack of faith in the marriage. A prenuptial contract can be customized in various ways in Metro East as long as


Most Common Causes of Divorce in Metro East, IL

Couples in the Metro East, IL area divorce for many reasons, and every divorcing couple will face unique challenges as they finalize their dissolutions. Even when divorcing spouses reach mutual decisions to divorce and are relatively amicable toward one another at the outset of their dissolution proceedings, any divorce is likely to raise very complex emotional challenges for both spouses. If you suspect your marriage has broken down past any hope of reconciliation, or if either you or your spouse has voiced the desire to end your marriage, it’s vital to think carefully about whether this would truly be the


Mediation Versus Litigation in Metro East, IL, Divorce

Ending a marriage is never an easy experience, even when you and your spouse have reached a mutual decision to divorce. The actual legal process of dissolution is more detailed than many people expect, and every marriage will involve unique problems and issues that will be reflected in the couple’s divorce proceedings. There are various ways any divorce may unfold, but the two most common options for resolving these cases are litigation and alternative dispute resolution, usually mediation. You may not need to brace for an emotionally charged court battle to resolve your divorce. On the other hand, an amicable,


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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