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Rob Kardashian could request child support from Blac Chyna

22393654_S.jpgPop culture buffs in Illinois might have already heard that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian ended their relationship after their daughter was born in late 2016. The two never married although they were engaged until they called off the relationship. They still chose to make custody arrangements for their infant daughter and they were reported to still be in the process of creating a custody agreement.

There are many possible outcomes of the custody agreement for the former couple. The agreement may or may not include child support once it has been finalized. If it did include child support, two important facts must be taken into consideration. First, it was reported that Kardashian is the child's primary caregiver. Second, Blac Chyna has a higher income than Kardashian. These two factors could influence a judge's decision to grant child support to Kardashian if he chose to request it.

Divorce for those who serve

44852046_S.jpgWhen Illinois couples decide to divorce, there are several issues that might need to be decided, including child custody, property division, and spousal and child support. These matters can become more complicated when either or both of the spouses are active-duty military members.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003 provides a broad range of protections to members of the Armed Forces, particularly those who have been deployed. In addition to protecting the rights of military members in issues regarding debt collection, renter's rights and civil court judgments, there are also protections in family law matters. These protections were put into place because of the difficulties that a deployed service member might experience when trying to respond to a legal case.

Don't forget to separate car insurance in divorces

37300095_S.jpgIllinois couples who are ending their marriages must disentangle their finances from each other. One aspect that should not be overlooked is separating the car insurance policies. There are several things that people who are getting divorced should keep in mind in this regard.

People are not allowed to remove their spouses from their car insurance policies without first obtaining their consent. People who wish to remove their spouses will need to get them to sign consent forms before they will be allowed to remove them. If the spouses are still living at the same address, their liability will still be shared. This makes it important to start by getting separate addresses.

The advantages and disadvantages of a child support calculator

25553177_S.jpgWhen researching online for a divorce, Illinois residents might come across child support calculators. These tools can be helpful, but they are often not accurate. However, they can provide a general overview on how the payment decision will be made.

Child support calculators estimate the amount a non-custodial parent might pay for support. Information like income and the amount of a time a child spends with each parent could be used to generate a monthly sum. The result may provide a ballpark figure of what one could expect to pay or receive.

Child support and private school tuition

22875714_S.jpgIn some Illinois divorces, private school education for the children may be at issue. Some parents may want their children to attend private schools when the other parents do not feel that it is necessary. Whether or not a judge will order the non-custodial parent to contribute financially to the child's private school costs will depend on a number of factors.

An order to pay half of a child's private school tuition in addition to child support is not automatic. Before the court will order a parent to pay half or anything towards a private school tuition bill, the court will first review the incomes of both parents. If the parent who is being asked to pay additional money for the private school tuition simply does not make enough money to afford it, it is unlikely that the parent will be ordered to do so.

Divorcing the spouse and the house

33871317_S.jpgA substantial concern of divorcing spouses in Illinois is what will happen to their homes after they are separated. Those concerns can be especially heightened if one spouse is interested in retaining the property. Many times, the reasons for wanting to keep the home are based purely on emotional attachment. However, this might not be the wisest financial decision.

After a divorce is final, the spouse interested in keeping the home could face a multitude of challenges when trying to refinance the home to remove the other spouse and put the property in their name. They might not be able to obtain financing on their own due to poor credit scores or low income. They could also miss regular payments for various reasons during the divorce process, and those missed payments will have a big impact on credit scores and favorable payment history.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian to continue to co-parent

22393656_S.jpgIllinois residents who follow celebrities may be aware of the messy breakup between television personality Rob Kardashian and model Blac Chyna. On July 11, Blac Chyna took the breakup one step further when she was granted a restraining order. Even so, the model said that she intended to make co-parenting with the child's father work.

Blac Chyna's legal team said that Kardashian has been a good dad to 8-month-old Dream. The main problem, they say, lies with what seems to be Kardashian's obsession with his baby mama. Not only has Chyna never had concerns with Kardashian seeing Dream, but there are also nannies around the child 24/7, meaning Kardashian is never actually alone with the baby.

Preparing for child support modification requests

37314715_S.jpgChild support can be modified at times if there is a material change in the financial circumstances of the parties, especially the parent obligated to pay. A job loss or reduction of income, or a substantial increase in income, additional dependents or other event may trigger a modification of support. Illinois parents who have gone through a divorcee and who have minor children should become familiar with the documentation needed.

There are several steps involved in the support modification process. The first step is to obtain current financial information. At minimum, tax returns showing all sources of income, a recent pay stub with year to date information, should be gathered. Documents reflecting the cost of medical insurance and receipts for payment of child care expenses should also be secured.

The different forms of domestic abuse

39243756_S.jpgAccording to the U.S. Surgeon General, domestic violence is a leading health concern. However, Illinois residents may not necessarily know what domestic violence looks or feels like. This may stop victims from reporting abuse or prevent friends and family members of an abuse victim from seeking help on that person's behalf. The definition of domestic abuse is abusive behavior used by a person to gain control over a partner.

In some cases, abuse can be physical in nature. Examples of physical abuse include hitting, biting or slapping a person. It can also involve forcing someone to use drugs or alcohol against their will or denying a person medical treatment for injuries. Sexual abuse occurs when an individual is forced to have sex with their spouse or partner. It can also occur when a person is the subject of demeaning jokes or sexually demeaning behavior in general.

About "Malicious Mother Syndrome"

Although the Malicious Mother Syndrome is not identified by the medical profession as a disorder, Illinois parents 12648784_S.jpgwho are embroiled in extremely contentious divorce or custody disputes should be able to identify the conduct. Despite its name, both fathers and mothers can exhibit the behavior, and thus it is often referred to as Malicious Parent Syndrome.

Both terms refer to certain deliberate and vengeful actions that a divorced or soon-to-be divorced parent takes in order to punish the other parent. This can encompass harming their children so that it reflects badly on the other parent.

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