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Illinois embryo case treks up and down the judicial ladder

22003900_S.jpgA few years ago, a story like the following might have been considered a novelty, given its focus on frozen embryos and the resulting acrimony over their potential use.

These days, of course, an embryo-related story is far from strange or singular, with a recent New York Times article noting that, "Hundreds of thousands of frozen embryos are in storage across the nation."

Long-awaited Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage arrives

3324502_S.jpgTruly, what else could a family law blog write about today?

Persons interested in constitutional law and cases that dramatically move the dial on American mores and culture might confidently mark June 26 as a signal date in the country's legal history.

Study findings show respondents think child support laws unfair

3151278_S.jpgThere are a couple of points that emerge with clarity from a recently released study on child support that for a period of 10-plus years examined the views of persons from both the United States and England.

Here's one: Child support is a difficult and highly nuanced topic, with legal schemes governing the subject matter varying across jurisdictions.

American family focus, Part 2: a look at a gay-dads' support group

20664267_S.jpgWe noted in a recent blog post that divorce in the United States has been "the catalyst for many evolving family units, with blended compositions of virtually every scope" (please see our June 17 entry).

Put another way, the unique aspects of divorce in virtually every instance in Illinois or elsewhere result in post-divorce families of virtually every description. Sometimes moms have primary custody, with noncustodial dads having visitation rights. Sometimes that arrangement is reversed. Grandparents often play key roles in post-divorce matters involving children.

Accurate valuation and tax considerations crucial in dividing retirement funds

41127526_S.jpgProperty division in divorce can have long-term financial repercussions, and it's important to have a good property division lawyer on your side. Among the assets that can be divided in divorce, retirement funds may be particularly important to hold onto if you want to live comfortably in your golden years.

In Illinois, marital property is divided according to the principle of equitable distribution. Note: "equitable" does not necessarily mean "equal." Rather, marital estates, which could include corporate pensions, 401(k) plans, IRA accounts and military pensions, may be divided in proportion to each spouse's right to the asset, and depending an a variety of factors, one spouse may be entitled to a larger portion of the retirement fund.

Families in America: increasingly marked by diversity

13652753_S.jpgThe United States is a country marked by many singular characteristics that prominently distinguish it from many other nations across the globe.

One central feature -- underlying current, if you will -- that fundamentally contributes to national identity is the country's ready embrace of change. Things are always in flux in America, whether that pertains to politics, economics, religious matters, race relations, drug policies, social media and a host of other matters.

CDC notes spike in babies born to unmarried, cohabiting couples

22457570_S.jpgThe United States has always been a diverse, dynamic and transformative society, with viewpoints across the virtual universe of subjects being persistently tweaked, tested and altered over time.

That has been true in politics, economics, race relations, criminal law matters, education, sexual mores and global relations.

Online social media sites a boon to marriages ... not

20602866_S.jpgThe upside to online social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Shapchat is clear and without reservations -- at least to most persons who command major stock interests in those companies.

As for married couples with a strong media-site presence in their home ... not so much.

Spousal abuse allegations, Part 2: the need to tread carefully

31397969_S.jpgOur earlier blog post this week introduced the subject of marital abuse accusations, noting that, while they are often entirely accurate, they can sometimes also be delivered falsely pursuant to one party's intent to gain some type of advantage in a family law matter (please see our May 26 entry).

We pondered therein how investigators should proceed when they arrive at a home and are confronted with charges of violence or other abusive behaviors.