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What to do if your ex is cohabiting and getting alimony

11634403_S.jpgIn some cases, after a marriage ends in Illinois one former spouse starts paying spousal support to the other. An alimony order does not always have a set end date, but that does not mean the payments will last forever.

Under Illinois law, one reason to terminate an alimony order is that the ex receiving the alimony gets remarried. Of course, many people are reluctant to give up their spousal support, even if they fall in love again. So instead of getting married, they try to have the best of both worlds by moving in with their partner. They live as spouses without formally marrying.

Man wins lawsuit after getting fired for divorce

45947878_S.jpgIf you are getting divorced, there will be days you will not feel like going to work. But the fact that you have separated from your spouse or are getting a divorce should not affect your job security. In other words, hopefully you won't get fired because your boss finds out you have filed for divorce.

Believe it or not, that is what a New Jersey man says happened to him. He took a wrongful termination lawsuit all the way to the state Supreme Court, which ruled in the plaintiff's favor on June 20.

Illiniois dads hold 'Fatherless Day' protest outside courthouse

15039344_S.jpgWith Father's Day taking place last Sunday, we hope that most dads in Illinois enjoyed spending time with their children. However, many fathers do not get to see their kids as often as they would like, because their former spouse has sole physical custody.

Usually, the noncustodial parent in these situations gets visitation time reserved. But visitation can be quite limited, perhaps just a couple weekends per month -- or less. For their part, many fathers say they do not get fair consideration in Illinois' Family Court system, and lost shared or sole custody rights because of bias against men.

Survey claims women handle divorce better than men

50201232_S.jpgAn intriguing new study suggests that divorce affects women differently than men. If the survey is accurate, females have an easier time adjusting to life after marriage.

According to Essence, 73 percent of women surveyed reported they did not regret getting divorced. In comparison, 61 percent of men denied regretting divorce. A high percentage, but well behind the female subjects.

Illinois senator proposes 'income shares' model for child support

2562346_S.jpgCalling the current way state law regulates child support "archaic," an Illinois state senator has introduced a bill to use a different way of calculating how much financial support children are entitled to.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the bill would amend the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage to shift child support to the "income shares" model. This would require the court to consider the income of both parents, and what the household income would be if the child lived with both parents in a single household.

Three things to consider before your settlement conference

13044484_S.jpgIf you are considering divorce or are in the midst of a proceeding, it is likely that will be ordered to attend a settlement conference. Similar to mediation, a settlement conference is an opportunity for the parties to sit down and get to the heart of the issues to see if any of them can be resolved.

Because of the high cost of litigation, family courts relish these opportunities. It also provides a chance for people to resolve their differences and preserve relationships that they will need in the future.

How parents can get along after divorce

7221800_S.jpgA successful co-parenting relationship may be the furthest thing on your mind as you prepare to get divorced, but it should be. Family court judges in Washington have an expectation of divorcing parents, and those who do not live up to it run the risk of jeopardizing their ongoing relationship with their children.  Even worse, the children may be permanently affected by the ongoing war between parents.

As dire as it may sound, it doesn't have to be that way. There are several things that parents can do to make a broken romantic relationship work as a co-parenting relationship. 

Looking for answers in faith, some divorced people struggle

33141910_S.jpgIn tough times, many people in Illinois turn toward their religious faith for support. But when it comes to divorce, many people find they cannot receive the comfort and guidance they seek in religion.

An article in the Huffington Post examines the problems that many religious people run into when they expect help from their houses of worship in moving on post-divorce. In one four-year study, divorced people reported feeling isolated from their congregation, and the sense that congregants were a source of judgment and gossip, rather than emotional and spiritual support.

Behavior is a huge factor during divorce

11382939_S.jpgWhen you are going through divorce, one of the most important things you can do is behave yourself. Behavior is a major contributing factor to some divorce disasters, such as having public meltdowns that leave you legally liable for something. This behavior is unacceptable and can lead to more problems for you, and your wallet, as you proceed through divorce.

Now, we aren't saying that you can't get emotional during a divorce. Obviously divorce is an emotional time, and you have to let those feelings out every now and then. But when you do, make sure you are doing so in a constructive and healthy manner. Don't go online and make an inflammatory post about your husband or wife. Don't go out to the bars and make a scene. Instead, talk with friends and family in a private, constructive way.

Beware non-attorneys that promise to help you get divorced

18206625_S.jpgOne thing that stops many people from filing for divorce is that it costs money. If one or both spouses want to, they can drag out the process by fighting over every single piece of marital property, costing both parties more in legal fees and court costs.

This is why you regularly see advertisements from non-attorney businesses claiming they can help you get divorced on your own, for less money. According to CNBC, the latest business to make this claim is a British app-based company called Amicable.