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Finding funding for Missouri's domestic violence shelters

35157407_S.jpgThankfully, there are a lot of shelters in Missouri that provide critically needed support in myriad forms to individuals -- both women and men -- and other family members who are victimized by domestic violence. Services range from the provision of food, shelter and crisis intervention to counseling/therapy and legal assistance.

Unfortunately, and obviously, the availability of such a vital support system is sorely compromised when funding for the shelters dries up. When that occurs, family violence can run unchecked.

Focus on child care in the military: high quality noted, praised

2649969_S.jpgA recent media profile of one military-related subject notes that, while the military can be quite conservative and even reactionary regarding some matters (for example, gender discrimination and anti-gay policies), "on some issues [it] has been a socially progressive institution."

It is eminently notable, for one thing, that the military underwent racial integration prior to that occurring in the civilian world following the dictates of the seminal legal case of Brown v. Board of Education in 1954.

A hardly surprising core focus of divorce proceedings: money

34329912_S.jpgMoney isn't exactly water, but, for many people, it likely comes close in importance.

Simply put, we all need money. Of all the adages -- and there are scores -- centrally focused on money, the bottom line that is often conveyed is that having some liquid assets on hand is, well, necessary.

Material family changes can require review of court orders

25537058_S.jpgThe term "boilerplate" is often heard in law, referring to something that is standardized and of generic application, such as a prewritten contract form or document that commands similar utility for high numbers of people.

Candidly, a one-size-fits-all document or legal approach does not often avail in the realm of family law, for one very simple reason.

An often deadly nemesis: responding to domestic violence

15478989_S.jpgFor obvious reasons, domestic violence is a subject that many people find difficult to raise, much less discuss openly.

That reticence regarding a topic often deemed as taboo often, sadly, enables the continuance of violent and destructive behavior within a family.

Topical focus: women, money and divorce

30679756_S.jpgJeff Landers is a columnist who frequently pens financially-themed articles for Forbes relating to divorce from the female perspective.

There is certainly room for the espousal of such a viewpoint, just as there is for any other singularly noted perspective on that central family law subject, such as fathers' rights, grandparents' prerogatives, the special concerns of a military spouse and so forth.

Prenups, Part 2 : Is a premarital agreement right for you?

33143949_S.jpgThe legal instrument known as a prenuptial agreement may stand virtually alone in family law for its capacity to have a polarizing effect.

Some soon-to-be-married couples can't bring themselves to even enter a conversation regarding a prenup, thinking that doing so will poison the well of love and drag them into conflict that virtually ensures discord down the road and an eventual divorce.

Roiling the waters: federal ruling on gay marriage challenged

20664267_S.jpgWhen a state court utters defiant language and openly challenges federal courts concerning their determinations regarding the constitutionality of gay marriage, a family law blog is likely to take notice.

And thus we have, bringing to readers' attention today a highly notable and even explosive story out of Alabama that is centrally relevant in Illinois, Missouri and all other states across the country.

Noncustodial moms and dads: Who reneges more on support payments?

17824153_S.jpgHistorically, and over many decades, child support outcomes have dictated that divorced mothers be awarded custody of the children in a marriage and that noncustodial fathers have visitation rights and take on the role of making regular child support payments.

Although that is the long-tenured family law paradigm all across the country, including in Illinois and Missouri, its routine application by judges in divorce cases has become, well, far less routine in recent years.

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