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Preserving the child-parent relationship should be a priority

A parent plays a unique and irreplaceable role in the life of their child. At the Stange Law Firm, PC, we want to see this relationship preserved after a child's parents separate or divorce. Sadly, though, this is not always the viewpoint of all parents, and many do find themselves entrenched in a custody battle. This is where we step in to provide guidance.19204046_S.jpg

If you are a parent who is going to be fighting for custody, it helps to know the basics. In Illinois, there are two main types of custody: physical custody and legal custody

What is a child care right of first refusal?

14633376_S.jpgIt is common for situations to arise in which a divorced parent, during their assigned parenting time, needs child care for their kids. In such situations, the divorced parent's ex may be interested in being the one who provides such child care. Depending on the terms of the custody order/agreement regarding their kids, a divorced parent's ex may be the first person the divorced parent is required to ask when they are looking for someone to provide child care for the kids. 

Under Illinois law, one of the terms that can be included in child custody/visitation orders or agreements is a right of first refusal when it comes to child care. When a parent is granted this right in an order/agreement, if the other parent has child care needs regarding the kids that meet or exceed a certain amount of time, the other parent is required to ask the parent granted the right of first refusal if they would like to provide the child care before asking anyone else to provide such care. What amount of time of needed child care triggers a right of first refusal generally depends on the specific terms of the given right of first refusal.  

Your family law attorney and you: standing united works best


In states like Illinois and Missouri, which command big-time professional and collegiate football programs, it somehow seems to make sense to use a gridiron analogy to illustrate the attorney-client relationship in a family law matter.

As we noted in an article on our website discussing divorce representation, "very bad things happen when an attorney and a client are figuratively running different plays in the midst of litigation."

Put another way: Things don't generally go too well when an attorney diagrams and counsels strategy A and a client insists on alternative B.

Do you know the signs of domestic violence?

16418055_S.jpgMany people reading this may assume that the moment they are involved in a domestic dispute with a loved one, is the moment that relationship is over. As recent news stories regarding domestic violence indicate, for some, the matter can be more complicated than that. While it can happen to either sex, in general women are on the receiving end of the abuse. In fact, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health, it is the leading cause of injury to U.S. women. Because of this it is important to recognize the signs and when possible get out of the relationship early. In this post we will discuss some of those signs.

Divorce study shows some gender-based differences

21065012_S.jpgA gender-based study on life satisfaction following divorce perhaps commands special significance for our readers in Illinois, Missouri and elsewhere as the year closes out and dreams are freshly rekindled regarding the new year.

Human beings are generally hopeful, and the divorce study conducted by researchers in London and appearing in the journal Economica clearly reveals that hope.

Other terms apply equally to the study's findings, such as optimism and positivism.

Resiliency, too, comes readily to mind. Researchers focused on humans' adaptation to new circumstances were impressed by the ability of many people to routinely shift gears in positive ways following negative developments in their lives.

US Senate holds hearing on family violence and pro sports

8726426_S.jpgDomestic violence can impact people from all walks of life, all ages and is not a gender specific issue. In Missouri and Illinois, like every other state, family violence can be a matter in divorce, in restraining order hearing and other areas of law. Allegations, whether true or false, are not matters that should be taken lightly. We discussed the issue of domestic violence in September, pointing out that domestic violence has impact on all age groups and both genders.

The Senate Conference Committee exercised its authority over addressing antitrust laws to look into domestic abuse allegations that have been making headlines involving professional athletes. The high-profile cases involving allegations against professional athletes have put the subject in the public eye, and under congressional scrutiny.

What things can be factors in Illinois property divisions?

7579741_S.jpgThere are many different things that a divorce does. One is divide one economic household into two. Thus, there are generally many financial issues that need to be figured out in a divorce. One of these issues is what exactly the split of the property in the marital estate will look like. When divorcing individuals are unable to come to an agreement on how they will divide their marital property, the decision as to how this property is to be divided generally ends up in the hands of a court.

Here in Illinois, the main aim courts generally have when it comes to their property division decisions is to put property division arrangements in place that are equitable/fair. There is no hard and fast rule regarding what is equitable and fair in an Illinois divorce property division; rather, courts have a lot of latitude in deciding what an equitable and fair property division looks like in a particular divorce. There are all manner of factors Illinois courts can consider when making property division decisions.

Retirement benefit matters in military divorces

5571634_S.jpgIt is common for an individual to have many questions about the future when a marriage breaks down. Any divorce involves restructuring of finances, living arrangements and distribution of marital property. When minor children are involved, the divorce process will include determining child custody and support issues.

These topics are vital concerns in all walks of life. However, when a marriage breaks down involving a military family, there are nuances to the law that should not be overlooked in settling matters in a divorce.

In October, we discussed the importance of discussing the issue of the Survivor Benefit Plan with a lawyer who is knowledgeable in military divorces. The SBP, an insurance benefit unique for military families, is but one nuance of a military divorce that can easily be overlooked without experienced guidance. In any divorce, it is vital to address property division matters fully to protect your rights.

Billionaire's ex-wife receives seemingly unbalanced settlement

10679949_S.jpgAmong the most-watched divorce cases this year has been the divorce of oil baron Harold Hamm and his now-ex-wife Sue Ann Hamm. Although their divorce was decided in an Oklahoma court, there are many details applicable to high-asset divorces here in Illinois and around the country. At stake in the divorce was a fortune worth as much as $18 billion as of last August when proceedings began.

Their estimated wealth has since dropped to about $13.3 billion due a reduction in stock share prices. Still, that's a lot of money. And the former Mrs. Hamm was none too pleased when a judge recently ruled that her post-divorce share will be less than $1 billion.

There are ways to expedite your divorce and help you move on

8578680_S.jpgWhen you hear the word "divorce" your mind probably immediately conjures up a couples that is screaming at each other, and then you probably imagine them going to court and bickering over various aspects of their marriage and divorce. Maybe you think this imaginary couple gets their divorce done in a year or two, but you're not really sure about the specific time frame of the divorce.

Such an idea is shared by many people all across the country, and though it may be a prominent thought, there are ways for divorcing couples to not only divorce amicably, but to do so in an efficient and timely manner.

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