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Belleville and Edwardsville Divorce Law Blog

Part 1: How to protect your credit score after a divorce

In divorce, while there are certainly decisions that need to be made regarding property, there are also equally important decisions that need to be made about how to divide up marital debt. And while the simple act of being divorced will not negatively impact a person's credit score, how finances are handled during the separation and divorce can greatly impact a person's overall score.

For example, let's say a couple had a joint credit card and the divorce settlement reached states the wife will pay back the debt on that card. However, she fails to do this and falls behind on payments. In most cases, while the divorce settlement may hold her responsible in terms of the debt this will not necessarily stop the creditor from attempting to collect from the ex-husband. In this type of scenario, both spouses' credit scores could end up being negatively impacted.

So just what is a person to do to ensure this doesn't happen to them after a divorce?

Tips for a less contentious Illinois divorce

When we think of divorce, many of us think of the back-and-forth arguing, the fighting in court over every piece of property, and the ongoing battles over who should have primary custody and how decisions regarding the children should be made. And while this is certainly a reality for many couples, it's important to remember it is not the only way to handle a divorce and that it is possible to have a peaceful dissolution.

When trying to set the tone for divorce, the first question a person should ask themselves is whether it would be possible to be friends after the divorce. In this regard, there were certainly positive qualities in a soon-to-be ex-wife, as there once was a reason for the marriage. In some cases, by re-focusing on the positive it can start to balance out the negative.

Levi Johnston's child custody battle may be uphill

Celebrity family law issues are always in the news. Whether it's a famous actor who files for divorce, or a musician vying for child custody, it is sure to make all of the headlines. For some news readers, while these stories can be considered nothing more than gossip, often times just the baseline situation can in some ways mirror concerns Illinois parents are having.

An example of this was the recent news that Levi Johnston may be seeking child custody of his 3-year-old son, Tripp. Johnston is the ex-boyfriend of Bristol Palin, who is the daughter of Sarah Palin.

Second marriage? Consider an prenuptial agreement in Illinois

The definition of family and the rules of relationships have drastically changed in Illinois in the recent past. In the past few decades second or even third marriages are becoming more commonplace, and so have the views on prenuptial agreements.

A recent study conducted by the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, approximately 67 percent of all second marriages end in a legal divorce, and 74 percent of third marriages do as well.

Avoid common divorce financial mistakes in Belleville and Edwardsville, Illinois

Divorce can be an emotionally grueling time for both husband and wife. Often, these emotions can end up playing a role not only in a person's day-to-day life, but also in their decisions -- especially when it comes to finances.

While divorce does not fit into a one-size-fits-all box, many people who are either in the midst of a divorce or emerging from one make the same financial mistakes. These mistakes are also the same ones where the repercussions can end up affecting a person for some time to come. Below are some things to think about before, during and after a divorce:

How to divide artwork proves complicated in divorce

Dividing up property during an Illinois divorce can be complicated for any couple. However, in situations where high assets are involved, the process of property division can become even more confusing.

A divorce between Christopher Larson, who is a retired Microsoft executive, and his wife Julia Calhoun, recently shed light on complex property division when it comes to splitting up rare and expensive artwork.

In total, the couple owned 47 pieces, including 43 paintings. The collection, which was appraised at $102 million, included pieces by artists such as Claude Monet, John Singer Sargent and Albert Bierstadt.

Military parents can struggle for child custody

A panel of attorney's across all the states are working to apply uniform rules for military members going through child custody proceedings. Many people might wonder why child custody is any different for military members. There is much concern that men and women who are in the military might have their potential overseas deployments considered when a judge is making a child custody decision. Parents who are deployed overseas might be disadvantaged because of their lengthy time away from the child involved.

While their overseas deployment will likely be a temporary change, a child custody order might be more permanent and difficult to change. Although many states have passed laws that address the issue of child custody and visitation rights, many are not the same. By making laws more uniform across state governments, parents that serve in the military will have an easier time addressing any child custody issues that arise because of their deployment.

Part 2: The increasing role of technology in divorce

In our last post we focused on how social media is increasingly being cited in divorce filings and submitted as evidence in child custody cases. However, when it comes to the role technology is playing in couple's lives it goes well beyond just status updates and photos being posted. Rather, property division questions can also arise when it comes to splitting up digital assets and technological gadgets.

For example, what happens in cases where a couple going through a divorce previously shared a home computer with an iTunes account? Now, each spouse want not only the computer, but also ownership of the iTunes account that comes with it hundreds of dollars worth of already purchased music. Just how should that be split up?

Part 1: The increasing role of technology in divorce

Technology and social media are increasingly playing a role in divorce. Even just this past March the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reported that in the past five years roughly 80 percent of divorces included some aspect of social media.

Specifically, when looking at how social media is playing a role in divorce, outside of increasing the urge for infidelity and leading to a divorce, social media posts are frequently being submitted in child custody cases in order to try and call into question the other parent's ability to care and raise children.

T.O.'s unpaid child support teaches lesson to Illinois fathers

Terrell Owens, the former wide receiver for the Bengals commonly known as "T.O.," was once again in the news for issues related to child support. Over the months this has been an ongoing issue for Owens, as the mother of his child has filed three complaints in the last year related to him supposedly not paying his court-ordered child support.

Owens was scheduled to appear in court yesterday for a child support hearing. However, due to a reported miscommunication, he did not show up and the hearing was rescheduled for next week.

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