Tips for a less contentious Illinois divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Divorce on Friday, August 10, 2012.

When we think of divorce, many of us think of the back-and-forth arguing, the fighting in court over every piece of property, and the ongoing battles over who should have primary custody and how decisions regarding the children should be made. And while this is certainly a reality for many couples, it’s important to remember it is not the only way to handle a divorce and that it is possible to have a peaceful dissolution.

When trying to set the tone for divorce, the first question a person should ask themselves is whether it would be possible to be friends after the divorce. In this regard, there were certainly positive qualities in a soon-to-be ex-wife, as there once was a reason for the marriage. In some cases, by re-focusing on the positive it can start to balance out the negative.

At this time it’s also a good idea to think about any children involved. Many times parents will stay in unhappy marriages in an attempt to spare their children what they think is the trauma of divorce. However, the truth is with an unhappy marriage comes ongoing tension, which can still traumatize children. Keeping this in mind during a divorce, if two parents can recognize the marriage just didn’t work but still respect each other, the transition may in turn be easier for the children.

Of course this isn’t to say there is a cure-all for a contentious divorce. For some people, getting along may just not be possible, or emotions can take a turn for the worst during the divorce process and lead to fighting. Because of this, even if two people seem to be getting along now, it’s still always a good idea to talk with a family law attorney in order to make sure both spouses’ best interests are kept in mind.

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