Unpaid child support lands one father behind bars

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Support on Friday, October 19, 2012.

For many parents — whether they are going through a divorce or just splitting up — determining child support will be part of that process. This means each parent will need to provide proof of their earnings. A judge will then look at not just income, but also the needs of the child.

Once the amount the noncustodial parent has to pay is determined, it is very important that parents stay up-to-date on their payments. If not, he or she could end up having a warrant issued for their arrest. This could lead to jail time.

An example of this was recently highlighted when one father was arrested on two outstanding child support warrants. It’s estimated the father owes more than $75,000 in child support payments.

When police caught up with him, he was put into a correctional facility.

Of course this is an extreme case of being behind on child support payments, but it does show what can happen when a parent stops making payments.

This is why it’s important for parents to not only have legal representation on their sides when child support is being determined — to have a true understanding of the process — but that an attorney should also be talked with as soon as there is any type of issue involving child support. This means that before letting unpaid child support rack up into the tens of thousands of dollars, a parent should look into just what would need to happen in order for there to be any kind of modification made to the existing child support order.

Source:, “Williamstown man who owes $75,000 in back child support in Salem County arrested,” Oct. 19, 2012

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