Mayor reaches temporary child support agreement

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Support on Friday, November 16, 2012.

During a divorce it can be quite difficult to come to an agreement, especially when there are children involved. Parents need to reach an agreement on not only what is best for the child in terms of physical custody, but also what an appropriate amount of child support paid by the noncustodial parent should be each month.

Recently a decision was reached in terms of child support between a mayor and his ex-wife. The mayor will be paying her $1,850 a month for their three children. This agreement means, at least for the time being, he will no longer be giving her additional money for alimony or splitting the cost of the children’s clothes or other expenses. Additionally, he will no longer be providing his ex with a $460 a month car note.

However, while the child support decision has been reached, the contentious divorce between the two is still ongoing. His ex claims the mayor hid assets from her and drinks to excessive in front of the couple’s children. She is seeking to amend the couple’s divorce settlement.

With the recent child support agreement, it should be noted this is just a temporary move. In the future, a more permanent agreement will be reached.

For Illinois residents, this mayor’s divorce touches on many important family law topics, including the importance of always disclosing all assets during a divorce and reaching a child support agreement that is fair to both parents and the children.

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Source: The Commercial Appeal, “Southaven mayor agrees to court-ordered child support,” Yolanda Jones, Nov. 14, 2012

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