Beating the holiday hum bugs

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Divorce on Sunday, December 23, 2012.

For those who have recently suffered a divorce or separation, or who are still struggling with one, the holiday season can be very gloomy. It is easy to get a case of the bah hum bugs. What is the best defense for these holiday blues? A good offense usually does the trick or at least makes the season survivable. Below you will find some steps to guide you in creating an excellent offensive plan to beat back the doom and gloom of both the Mayan calendar and the holiday blues.

  • Embrace new adventures

Your life perhaps now faces more challenges than you expected or have ever had in the past. Think of these new challenges as occasions for personal growth through new adventures. Let the newness of your life spark a zest for new adventures and opportunities. Facing these challenges head on and embracing them can assist you in finding your new path to happiness.

  • Find new and creative traditions to supplant the old

Traditions are usually a big part of the holidays, and they usually bring back the most memories when performing them. In order to prevent constantly bringing up painful memories for both you and your children, create some new traditions to supplant these old ones. Get creative and think out of the box. Ask your kids what traditions they would like to start. This will help you all take part in the creative process of starting something new and moving on from the past.

  • Rediscover yourself

Somewhere over the course of your marriage you most likely stuffed down some parts of you that truly make you tick. This holiday season would be a great time to begin to unpack those lost joys and hobbies. It may be something you enjoy doing with others, or it may be something you used to do on your own. Either way, rediscovering who you are can go a long way in helping you to heal and move forward.

These are only some ideas as to how you can make the best out of a holiday season that may no longer seem as joyful as it once did. They are only suggestions and their intent is to help you in dealing with a painful situation.

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