Signs that divorce could be in your future

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Divorce on Friday, January 4, 2013.

Whenever a couple announces their decision to get a divorce, someone almost always will ask the inevitable question of when he or she knew it was time for divorce. Anyone who has gone through or is currently going through a divorce knows there is normally not one specific reason behind the divorce, but rather a series of signs that were present before one or both spouses just decided it was time to file.

One of the big signs is when couples cannot see eye to eye. Of course, keep in mind it is completely natural and normal to not always agree on everything. But when the new norm becomes just never agreeing — and even constantly arguing — this could be a sign of divorce.

Another telling sign is when one spouse begins to think about what life would be like alone and likes the idea of what that could look like.

Some couples also try marriage counseling or separation to see if that will make a difference. In the case where neither of these things seem to work, it could be a sign of divorce in the near future.

Lastly — but certainly not the only sign — is when one or both of the spouses realize the only reason the divorce has not been filed yet is for the sake of the kids. However, in this type of situation, remember that while kids do deserve to have both of their parents in the lives, this can be done without being married. Quite often, in cases where there is a lot of fighting between spouses, children may actually do better if their parents were divorced.

If reading through this you realize divorce may be in your future, realize you are not alone and that there are plenty of Illinois couples who have gone through a divorce. Rather than stress over the unknown, contact an attorney who has experience handling family law issues to see what the right course of action to take is.

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