Jury does not believe allegations; father awarded custody

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Domestic Violence on Thursday, March 14, 2013.

If you are an Illinois father getting ready to go through a divorce, be prepared for the fact that your ex-wife may attempt to make up completely preposterous stories in order to get the upper hand in court. This can be anything from abuse allegations to having a history with drugs. All of these allegations, if not properly defended against, can have an impact on child custody and visitation.

Take for example the recent child custody ruling between NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and his estranged wife. In court, his estranged wife tried to claim that Sanders was abusing his children and kept guns that were accessible to the children. She also claimed he used steroids, a claim he also made against her.

The allegations between the two went on for two weeks until a trial hearing both sides granted Sanders sole custody and conservatorship of the couple’s two sons. Custody and conservatorship is going to be shared for the couple’s 9-year-old daughter, although Sanders does have the final say on where the girl lives.

After the case, Sanders’ attorney said the jurors listened to the case and in the end did not believe the allegations that the father was abusing his children. Rather, the claim is his estranged wife was just seeking attention through these tales.

This child custody case should serve as a cautionary tale to Illinois fathers who are going through divorce. For even if they never once put a hand on their children or spouses, an estranged wife could always end up making up false allegations in the courtroom in order to try and persuade a judge or jury.

Source: CBS News, “Jury Makes Decision in Deion Sanders Child Custody Case,” March 12, 2013

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