High-powered comedian serves up measured, careful divorce views

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Friday, May 23, 2014.

Many of our readers might be familiar with comedian Louis C.K. One recent media article described him as being “possibly the funniest human on the planet.”

And thus it is understandable that when C.K. opines on family law matters, most people tuned in to his musings are waiting for the punch line.

There is none.

In what many readers might likely view as refreshing candor and deep thoughtfulness, C.K. recently discussed his views on post-divorce life and child custody with an interviewer from NPR. Rather than serving up outrageous storylines, irony-laden situational plot lines and uniquely comedic outcomes, C.K.’s expressed thoughts offered up both optimism and great hope for many divorcing or divorced couples with kids.

C.K.’s bottom line regarding life with kids (he has two daughters) following divorce is this: When done right, a divorcing couple in Illinois, Missouri or anywhere else can make life far better for both themselves and their children than it was during a stress-laden marriage.

“Done right” in C.K’s view is a pretty simple proposition. Most centrally, it means giving your ex-spouse props by acknowledging his or her key input in co-parenting the kids, trying to be friends with your ex-partner and simply trying to make life sane and supportive for the children.

C.K. says that coming out of his marriage he was “astonished” that his kids wanted to be with him and that this was truly important to them.

And thus it was important to him, motivating him “to make a good life for myself so that the kids would have a good home.’

C.K. says that he and his ex-wife display harmony and a shared approach to parenting that was simply nonexistent when they were in an unsustainable marriage.

Source: Huffington Post, “Louis C.K. offers some much needed perspective on parenting after divorce,” Brittany Wong, May 20, 2014

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