Spousal support could be involved in Green-Fox divorce

For those who pay attention to tabloids and celebrity news, this will be common knowledge: actress Megan Fox and her soon-to-be-former husband Brian Austin Green have filed for divorce after five years of marriage. The couple has two sons together, and apparently they are going for joint custody, though that hasn’t been confirmed. However, Green has asked that Fox pay him spousal support.

This divorce, though a celebrity divorce (which don’t always involve circumstances that everyday people can relate to), brings up two topics that are important in divorce: child custody and spousal support.

In relation to child support, the divorcing couple will have a decision to make. Usually joint custody can be agreed to early in the process, saving time for the couple but more importantly preserving the kids’ ability to see their parents. However, if joint custody isn’t possible, then you must be prepared for court appearances and a (very likely) costly legal battle.

In relation to spousal support, it is important for both spouses to realize the tax implications of their alimony. The paying spouse will get a tax reprieve in the form of utilizing their alimony payments as tax deductions. The receiving spouse, meanwhile, will likely be bumped up into a higher tax bracket as their spousal support payments must be included in their income on their taxes.

If your divorce involves either child custody or spousal support, you will need to consult with an experienced divorce attorney to ensure your case is being handled properly.

Source: Huffington Post, “Brian Austin Green Is Asking Megan Fox For Spousal Support,” Brittany Wong, Sept. 30, 2015

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