Man caught committing bigamy with Missouri woman

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Property Division on Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

When you want to marry someone, make sure you are not currently married to someone else. Bigamy is against the law in Missouri, so you could find yourself facing criminal charges for trying it. It is also cause to void the second marriage, which could leave your second spouse with no right to pursue property division, spousal support or child support.

A Missouri man has been charged with misdemeanor bigamy after his wife of 29 years, who lives in Oregon, found out her husband had gotten married again in 2014. The Oregon woman had been separated from her husband since 2001 and repeatedly asked for divorce. But her husband told her she could not afford to file for divorce, so she never did, according to the Sikeston Standard Democrat.

Then her husband contacted her, saying he wanted to marry a woman in Missouri. The wife again asked for a divorce, but again it never happened. Instead, the man simply went ahead with the wedding, making him married to two women at the same time.

Somehow, the Missouri woman discovered her “husband’s” original marriage in February. She contacted the sheriff, who got in touch with the Oregon woman. Both women produced marriage certificates, leading to the criminal charge. A summons was issued for March 1, but as of Feb. 29, the sheriff did not expect the suspect to show up. He expected the man would leave Missouri to join one of his daughters in California.

Divorce can be painful, but for most people, it is better to make a clean break, so that they can get remarried someday.

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