Former football player’s peculiar child support case

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Support on Monday, August 15, 2016.

Illinois residents might remember Andre Rison from his career in the NFL, but he is recently making headlines for a probation violation and failure to pay child support. His story is somewhat unique because he owes payments for Hunter Rison, who is currently living with him.

A judge signed a warrant for Rison’s arrest after he didn’t meet minimum child support payments and tested positive for marijuana, and the former football player said that he plans to turn himself in. Rison received five years probation for not paying child support in 2013 and must pay $1,000 a month for back payments in excess of $300,000. He reportedly last made a payment in April 2016 for $500 and has paid a total of $35,000.

Rison declared bankruptcy in 2007. He now reportedly makes $9,000 yearly as an assistant football coach and collects $3,300 in disability benefits monthly from the NFL. Rison and his wife also take care of their four daughters along with his son Hunter. Rison says he did not know where his son was but connected with him when he was 12. He reports that he cannot always afford the payments and that he uses marijuana to treat the pain he suffers from after his NFL career.

As this story shows, some child support situations are complicated and not simply a matter of one parent refusing to help with a child or children. A parent who has been ordered to pay support and who then suffers a reverse in finances may want to have the assistance of an experienced family law attorney in petitioning the court for a modification.

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