Chris Brown could lose custody of daughter following charges

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

Illinois residents who have been following singer Chris Brown’s custody battle may be interested to learn that, following assault charges that were filed against him in late August, he could potentially lose custody of his daughter. Even if the charges are eventually dropped against the singer, the fact that he was involved in a standoff with authorities could have a negative impact on his child custody situation.

According to a father’s rights attorney, a lawyer for the child’s mother could argue that the standoff was caused by mental health issues. The attorney may even imply that Brown was attempting suicide by taunting the authorities into shooting him. Since he made a number of Instagram videos while the incident was still occurring, the attorney has plenty of potential evidence to back up these claims.

It is likely that the judge may give the child’s mother sole temporary custody until further notice. The singer may potentially be required to undergo a full psychiatric evaluation to determine if he can provide a stable environment for his child.

If there is evidence that a parent may be mentally unstable and cannot provide a healthy environment for a child, a child custody attorney may help a parent seek temporary sole custody. If it is found that sole custody would be best for the child, the court may make the necessary rulings. In some cases, the parent may even be able to request additional child support. Such request are more likely if the parent is taking care of the child full time.

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