Clear communication could end child custody disputes

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

Illinois parents who have gone through a divorce often experience tension and differences of opinion when sharing custody or dealing with visitation orders. Common problems include tardy drop off or pick up of children, ignoring parenting duties, withholding information about travel plans or challenging decisions about schooling, religion or health care. Resolution of these problems should follow a series of steps before escalating to court appearances.

Initially, a parent can express complaints through an attempt at civil conversation. The other parent might not be aware that certain behaviors like not washing kids’ clothes or dropping off kids late are causing a problem. If a conversation does not produce results, the parent can begin documenting the complaint within a certified letter.

When improvement does not occur, mediation offers a possibility for conflict resolution prior to taking action in court. The assistance of a third party who allows each parent to voice concerns might create understanding and compromise between the parents. Sometimes a person responds appropriately after hearing the other parent’s complaints articulately by an outside party.

Going to court remains an option for any parent. In court, adjustments could be made to a visitation schedule or the terms of custody could be modified upon the submission of a motion and a subsequent hearing. A court might also enforce the terms of an existing agreement when a parent violates them. Parents who are going through these types of child custody disputes may want to meet with a family law attorney in order to determine the best way to proceed.

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