Making divorce easier for children

If a couple with children in Illinois decides to end their marriage, it’s important that people focus on trying to make the process as easy as possible for their kids. While divorce will almost always have some sort of negative effect on kids, the degree to which children have trouble dealing will often depend on how parents act during and after the divorce.

Some of the ways to help make the divorce process easier for children include determining when the best time is to announce a divorce and ensuring that fighting is kept to a minimum. Some individuals may find it easier to tell children they are divorcing during the school year while they can focus on their studies; others may want to make the announcement over a break so kids have time to cope.

Another huge part of making the divorce as easy as possible for children is to avoid having arguments in front of kids, and this is especially true if fights turn into shouting matches. Studies indicate that arguing in front of children can have significant negative effects on children. Along with keeping fights private, people shouldn’t say bad things about a child’s other parent in front of the child.

Once a person has been given child custody in a divorce, it does not necessarily mean that individual will always have custody. If someone’s situation changes dramatically and it appears that the custodial parent is not able to take care of a child, the other child’s parent may be able to successfully petition for custody. A lawyer could explain to a person what types of changes in circumstance might allow for a successful petition, and a lawyer may be able to outline the process involved.

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