Fathers and shared parenting

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

Illinois fathers should know that they have the right to be active in their children’s lives after a separation or divorce. As data from the United States Census indicate that family courts tend to favor the mother for physical custody, it is important that fathers understand why they should continue to fight for their parental rights.

Proponents of shared parenting have been slowly gaining ground. There are shared parenting laws in effect in several states, including Wisconsin, Utah, Alaska, Missouri and Arizona. Almost 25 states have introduced laws to implement shared parenting. There is scientific data that shows shared parenting is the best option for most children. In one study, which included 150,000 participants, the researchers determined that shared parenting is an arrangement that can lower the stress levels of children. The practice of shared parenting in cases in which the parents are fit and there is no history of domestic violence is also backed by public approval. In fact, 86 percent of voters in Massachusetts supported shared parenting.

Another reason fathers should push for shared parenting is that sole custody can negatively affect children. According to federal statistics, children raised in single-parent households account for 63 percent of teenage suicides. Seventy-one percent of the children fail to graduate from high school.

A family law attorney could be of assistance in negotiating a child custody agreement on behalf of a divorcing parent. In addition to dealing with physical custody, such an agreement could contain provisions covering such matters as vacation times and extracurricular activities.

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