Father-child relationships are important

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Thursday, July 6, 2017.

In Illinois and around the country, there has been a shift in the way people think about the father-child relationship. While mothers have often been the primary caretakers of their children, fathers have increasingly stepped into the role. In some cases, however, social attitudes have minimized men’s contribution to the development of their children.

A 2015 survey points out the importance of dads in their children’s lives. For example, it was discovered that the amount of time fathers spent caring for their kids had tripled since 1965. More than half of all fathers expressed their belief that being a parent is central to their identity. There is also been a change in gender roles within a family, as fathers are less likely than ever to be the sole breadwinner in their household.

In situations where parents are separated, divorced, or otherwise living apart, fathers may be concerned about their rights. They may wish to seek joint custody, full custody, or may simply want to protect their visitation rights. Fortunately, a changing shift in the way the public perceives fatherhood means that laws and family courts may also be more responsive to a father’s desire to be an active parent.

Fathers who are concerned about child custody and visitation issues may benefit from speaking with an experienced family law attorney who can review their case and make recommendations regarding custody proceedings, modifications and agreements. Fathers who consult with an attorney may be better able to assert their rights and ensure an outcome that is in the best interests of their children.

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