Preparation, evidence can help fathers seek full custody

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Friday, November 3, 2017.

Fathers in Illinois going through a divorce are often worried about being ripped away from their children. This is intensified even more in situations of abuse, addiction and other contexts in which fathers want to achieve sole, rather than joint or shared, custody of their children. Many fathers may worry about a potential bias toward mothers in family court or preconceived ideas about a man’s role in child-rearing.

However, fathers who seek child custody have a good record of achieving their rights in courts. Working together with a family lawyer, fathers can help to secure their full rights to custody and protect the best interests of their children.

One of the most important things that fathers can do to prepare for a child custody hearing is to bring proof and documentation of involvement in the child’s life. If there is any concern that a custody petition will be disputed, it is important to have evidence to back up the claims being made. This kind of evidence can include logs of a father’s involvement with his children as well as receipts for financial expenditures.

Of course, at the core of the child custody process is the best interests of the child. A father who maintains a positive, caring and trusting relationship with his child is far more likely to receive a positive custody outcome. For children above a certain age, their own desires could be central to the custody process.

A family lawyer can help a father seeking custody to avoid pitfalls, adhere firmly to state law and make an excellent case for sole custody. The attorney could also help the client during the property and asset division process.

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