Holidays can be a difficult time for divorced parents

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Tuesday, December 5, 2017.

For many divorced families in Illinois, the holiday season can be an emotionally and logistically challenging experience. Co-parenting already comes with difficulties, and sharing parenting time during the holidays can pose unique stresses for parents. However, holidays can also be an occasion for parents to demonstrate that their love for their kids is more important than issues with an ex-partner. This can be incredibly important for strengthening the psychological support for children who live in separate homes after divorce.

There are several tips that people who are dealing with shared parenting time can keep in mind in order to create a more positive holiday environment. Even after ugly divorces, exes can have a successful co-parenting relationship that fully respects each parent’s relationship with the children.

It is important for the parents to be flexible and open minded. While parenting time may be outlined in a divorce court order, family schedules often require flexibility during the holidays. When the parents can trust each other to make agreements, it can be possible to make plans to switch days and allow the kids to see each partner’s extended family. Agreeing in writing can help to make sure that the parenting time shift is formalized. It’s also important for each parent to be kind to each other about problems that might arise during the holidays and continue to work for a positive relationship.

A parent heading for divorce may retain a family law attorney who can represent their interests in court. The family lawyer could advocate for their relationship with the child and obtain a court order that reflects the child’s best interests.

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