How to sell the family home in a divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Property Division on Thursday, December 28, 2017.

For many Illinois couples who are going through a divorce, the possibility of selling the family home is very real. In fact,, a real state website, estimates that 61 percent of divorces result in the sale of the family home. This can be an emotionally fraught period, and if both spouses are not in agreement about how to handle this, the sale of the home can be undermined. The goal of getting the highest profit for the home, however, should help both spouses keep focused on the sale.

Realtors suggest that to make the process of selling the family home in the divorce somewhat easier, the couple may agree to appoint only one person to consistently communicate with the realtor so as to avoid conflicting information being provided to the realtor. Also, before the sale of the home, the couple should meet to discuss their goals and expectations for the sale as well as the responsibilities of each spouse when it comes to the sale.

Other things that spouses can do to prepare for the sale of the family home include budgeting for weekly cleaning as the house is showing, figuring out a schedule for taking any pets out of the home during showings and fixing small things, such as paint scuffs. Additionally, spouses need to identify the larger items that might need fixing and come to an agreement on whether they will fix them or leave them as is. For example, a non-working air conditioning system might be listed as is for the sale so that potential buyers are clear about this before negotiations.

The divorce process can be highly charged, and selling the family home can create even more tension. For a person going through a divorce, the guidance a family law lawyer can provide during this period can be very beneficial.

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