Narcissistic exes and parenting time issues

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Monday, December 18, 2017.

Being married to a narcissist could be challenging. However, being divorced from one might be even worse, especially if children are involved. A narcissist is self-centered and may do anything for attention. If a narcissistic parent’s children start to show more love for their other parent, they might try gaslighting to manipulate the children and others. There are some things an Illinois parent could do to lessen the effects of gaslighting on their children.

Family courts today tend to lean toward shared parenting after a divorce, and in many cases, this is an ideal situation for the children. Unfortunately, when dealing with a narcissistic parent, leaving the children alone for extended periods of time could be problematic. A parent going through this should document everything they can regarding the situation, including the times their ex picks up and drops off the children for parenting time and any communication from schools related to lies they have told.

Dealing with a narcissistic ex could be very stressful, and parents should make sure they take care of themselves so they can take care of their children. Therapy, meditation or yoga might help a parent remain calm so that they can assure their children they are safe and loved. It might be impossible to control a narcissistic ex’s behavior, but parents can control their own reactions to it.

In some cases, it might be necessary to return to court to resolve custody matters or even to address false criminal charges. It’s important for a parent with a manipulative ex to have an experienced attorney by his or her side. An attorney may be able to help a parent remain calm while they use the detailed documentation of narcissistic behavior to prove the allegations their ex made are not true.

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