Tips for handling divorces with children

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in family law on Friday, April 6, 2018.

Getting divorced is difficult for most Missouri couples as it is. When parents of young children decide to end their marriage, there are a number of additional issues that might arise. They should be careful with how they handle their divorces and their children so that their kids are more likely to emerge relatively unscathed from the process.

In order to help their children, parents should ask them if they feel like they are to blame for the divorce. Unfortunately, many children tend to place blame on themselves when their parents divorce. Parents should explain to their children that it is not their fault and that both of their parents still love them.

While emotions may be heightened during a divorce, it is important for people not to drag their children into the middle. Parents should refrain from talking badly about their estranged spouses to their children or in front of them. They should never try to involve children in the adult issues with which the parents are dealing. Parents should also watch for signs that their children are experiencing depression or anxiety, and get them the help that they need if they are.

People who are getting divorced should remember that their children are also affected by the changes in their lives. They should try to keep the best interests of their children in mind instead of using them as pawns. Experienced family law attorneys may help their clients to reframe their cases so that they can view their situations from a more logical perspective. The attorneys might then help their clients consider what the most appropriate child custody and visitation arrangements might be for their children.

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