Child custody orders aren’t set in stone

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Monday, April 1, 2019.

Missouri residents may be able to have a child custody order modified if events warrant a change being made. Generally speaking, a change will be made if a parent is putting the child’s safety in danger. The same could be true if the child doesn’t want to spend time with the parent or if a parent is ignoring the terms of the order. If a parent relocates or dies, it may also be necessary to make changes to a child custody arrangement.

If there is reason to believe that a child is in danger, a court will have to determine if the danger is immediate. A court will also likely want to determine if the child is in danger of abuse or if another member of the household is the direct target. If a parent relocates, a judge will likely want to know why the move is taking place and if it is still possible to operate under the terms of the current agreement.

In the event that a parent dies, the noncustodial parent may or may not receive full custody of the child. In some cases, the child may request to stay with another family member or friend. That request could be granted if doing so is in his or her best interest.

Child custody may be among the divorce legal issues that need to be resolved. While parents may be able to have some input into how they raise their children, a judge may also decide what happens. Generally speaking, the law prefers that both parents have access to a child if it is safe for that to occur. An attorney might be able to help parents obtain visitation or custody rights to their children after their marriages come to an end.

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