Prenups can help people of all wealth levels

When people in Missouri decide to marry, they may worry they will spoil the excitement by asking about a prenuptial agreement. For years, these agreements were seen as solely the domain of the ultra-wealthy or Hollywood celebrities. However, as people marry later in life with business plans, children and existing careers, there are many reasons why prenups can be a good choice for almost anyone. A prenuptial agreement lays out financial understandings about how a couple would divide their assets in case of a divorce and, in some cases, in death as well. It replaces standard state law for negotiating property division.

prenuptial agreement doesn’t have to undermine a romantic partnership. Many considerations of couples getting married are quite practical, from setting up a wedding budget to changing insurance beneficiaries, and negotiating a prenup can be part of that process as well. A good prenuptial agreement that will hold up in court is not designed to protect one person against the other. Instead, it is intended to provide consideration for both parties to protect the things most important to them. In addition, finances are one of the biggest causes of later marital conflict and divorce.

Having these discussions in the prenup phase can help to avoid bigger problems down the line. An agreement can address developments during the marriage as well as wealth coming into the marriage. It can also address responsibility for debts and help people to decide to marry even when one person has debt. For business owners, prenups can provide important assurance to investors and business partners about the stability of the company.

There are many reasons why happy couples may want to consider a prenuptial agreement before they marry. A family law attorney might help a client negotiate a fair prenup that provides protection in case of divorce.

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