Understand medical care expense division in child support orders

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Support on Friday, May 1, 2020.

Raising a child is costly, so when parents split up, one parent shouldn’t be left trying to cover all the expenses. This is why child support orders are put into place when the parents aren’t in a relationship. The order will cover regular payments from one parent to the other. It also governs things like who pays for school expenses, health insurance and related costs.

It is imperative that both parents fully understand the terms of the child support order. There’s a chance that the order will include responsibilities for both adults. For example, extraordinary medical care costs, which are things like co-pays and deductibles, are likely discussed in the order.

The child support order should have a method of division for these medical expenses. This might be a specific dollar amount that one parent has to cover before the other parent starts to pay. Another method is that each parent is responsible for a specific percentage of the costs.

It should also outline how these payments are made. It usually isn’t feasible for both parents to show up at the location to each pay their share. Instead, one parent will usually cover the entire cost and the other parent will reimburse them. The terms for this should be covered in the order so that there isn’t any question about what needs to happen.

Child support orders are set for that the situation that’s present when they are established. There are times when things might need to change. If you realize that a modification is necessary, be sure to petition the court as soon as possible so that it can be handled right away.

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