If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you likely have a lot going through your mind. Questions about living situations, income arrangements, child custody, and more are often at the forefront of people’s minds after a separation. Unfortunately, it can feel impossible to know where to begin, and many people find themselves making poor legal decisions during this time.

However, before you begin to worry about these details, you must find an attorney to represent you in your case. Not every attorney is the same, so it is essential that you find one who fits your needs and situation. The success of your case depends on it.

This process can be confusing in itself, so we have assembled some essential considerations to keep in mind as you search for your Metro East divorce attorney.

Do I Need a Metro East Divorce Attorney?

Many people feel that they do not need to hire an attorney for their divorce cases. However, whether you have an amicable, easy divorce or a contentious, messy one, hiring an attorney is essential. Even the kindest divorcees can turn bitter and ruthless in the courtroom. Often, unrepresented spouses end up with less money, less custody, and a weaker foundation for their new life.

It is not advisable to forgo an attorney for your divorce case, no matter the circumstances. It is in your best interest to find an attorney with the following characteristics:

  1. They Are Experienced

    One of the first things you should look at when considering an attorney is the experience of the candidates you are considering. Do they have experience in divorce law specifically? Have they fought cases that look like yours? Having relevant experience is essential for divorce attorneys. Though each situation is different, having experience in similar situations in the courtroom gives you a significantly better chance at winning a fair settlement.

  2. They Have a Good Track Record

    It is not only crucial that potential attorneys have fought cases like yours, it’s also essential that they won those cases. For example, if an attorney fought 35 divorce cases but only won six of them, their experience does not give them the necessary edge in your case.

  3. They Have a Good Reputation

    Sometimes, attorneys are effective in the courtroom but have a bad reputation among their peers. Though their reputation should not be the only deciding factor, it is important to consider it when hiring your representation. If fellow attorneys find the candidate challenging to work with, they may not be able to fight your case properly, and there may be more to them than meets the eye. Therefore, it is best to stay away from attorneys who have bad reputations.

  4. They Are Easy to Talk To

    It is essential to remember that your attorney is legally and ethically bound to fight for your best interests, keep your secrets, and use your best angle in the case at hand. This means that you will have to talk with them at length, and sometimes you may be required to share personal or intimate details with them as they try to build your position.

    This means that you need to feel at ease around your attorney. If you cannot speak freely with them, you won’t want to give them the information they need. If they don’t have all the information, your case will suffer.

    Choose an attorney who feels like a friend or trusted colleague. For some people, that means choosing an attorney who is the same gender as themselves. First, consider what you need to feel comfortable and narrow your search, focusing on those parameters.

  5. They Have Time for You

    It is normal for an attorney to take a few cases simultaneously, as many legal processes are long and drawn out. Be sure to ask potential attorneys about their caseload to ensure that they aren’t overloaded with other clients. Overloaded attorneys often miss details, cannot build solid cases, and some even miss important deadlines. In something as important as divorce and asset division, you want an attorney who has the time and mental space to properly focus on your case.

  6. They Have Happy Clients

    Many attorneys and law firms will provide client testimonials to prove that they have satisfied customers. In some cases, they will even provide references that you can call to verify their work style and process.

    Checking these references can be helpful, as they give you a more accurate representation of what it will be like to work with the attorney. While experience and track record are both critical, neither necessarily implies client satisfaction. Therefore, it is worth checking references to determine if clients were happy with their experience.

  7. They Are Transparent About Pricing

    Attorneys all have different fee structures and policies, and it is important that you know what those are before you commit to working with an individual. You do not want to begin working with an attorney you love, only to find that you cannot afford their retainer or fees.

    Most quality attorneys will gladly talk to you about pricing and policies. This is simply part of the job. However, if a potential attorney evades questions about pricing or refuses to give you any estimates or pricing tiers, they may be able to charge you whatever they want once work begins.

    Protect yourself by asking about costs, and look elsewhere if the attorney is evasive or weird about their answer.

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