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'Fuller House' star must pay child support to ex-husband

58904961_S (1).jpgJodie Sweetin, one of the actors in "Fuller House," does not appear to have the fun family life that television viewers in Illinois have seen depicted on her television show. A judge has ruled that she must pay $2,800 every month to her ex-husband to support their child. Their daughter is currently 7 years old, and the court order requires payments to continue until the girl reaches age 18, becomes emancipated, marries or dies.

The payment schedule calls for her ex-husband to receive $1,400 by the first of every month and another $1,400 on the 15th of every month. The court also imposed an obligation that the actor send her ex-husband retroactive child support payments early next year.

Reaching resolutions in child custody disputes

82278482_S.jpgIt is common for custody disputes to arise when parents are divorcing in Illinois. In some cases, the parents may have trouble reaching agreements about how they will handle decision making and parenting time. There are several ways that parents may reach agreements so that they can resolve these types of issues so that everyone's interests are protected.

Many parents are able to reach agreements simply by talking to each other. This might be accomplished by determining the manner in which the couple communicates most effectively. For example, if the parents are only able to communicate with each other via email, that might be the best way to try to discuss child custody issues. If parents are able to talk through the issues and determine what will work best for them, they may be happier with the results.

Narcissistic exes and parenting time issues

60483858_S.jpgBeing married to a narcissist could be challenging. However, being divorced from one might be even worse, especially if children are involved. A narcissist is self-centered and may do anything for attention. If a narcissistic parent's children start to show more love for their other parent, they might try gaslighting to manipulate the children and others. There are some things an Illinois parent could do to lessen the effects of gaslighting on their children.

Family courts today tend to lean toward shared parenting after a divorce, and in many cases, this is an ideal situation for the children. Unfortunately, when dealing with a narcissistic parent, leaving the children alone for extended periods of time could be problematic. A parent going through this should document everything they can regarding the situation, including the times their ex picks up and drops off the children for parenting time and any communication from schools related to lies they have told.

The marital home after divorce

50592687_S.jpgGetting divorced in Illinois involves many decisions regarding finances. In addition to dividing assets and assuming responsibility for debts, homeowners have additional considerations. In many marriages, a house represents one of the largest assets the couple owns. Taking time to understand the options available can protect a divorcing spouse's long-term financial health.

In many cases, a divorcing couple will opt to sell the marital home as part of the divorce agreement. The proceeds from the sale of the home could then be equitably divided. Afterward, there will no longer be any concerns regarding continued ownership, mortgage payments or household maintenance.

Uncovering gig work as a source of child support

72125504_S.jpgThe advent of the gig economy has provided new opportunities for many people in Illinois. As more and more people are turning to gig work, new problems have arisen for the collection of child support. Some parents who are ordered to pay child support have turned to gig work to try to evade their child support obligations.

Up to 70 percent of child support orders are enforced by withholding orders. These orders direct employers to deduct the amounts that their employees owe for child support and to submit them to the state. Since gig work is by contract, the workers who perform the work are not statutory employees. This means that the companies that pay them for the work do not necessarily report that they are employed to the states in which they live.

Holidays can be a difficult time for divorced parents

For many divorced families in Illinois, the holiday season can be an emotionally and logistically challenging experience. Co-parenting already comes with difficulties, and sharing parenting time during the holidays can pose unique stresses for parents. However, holidays can also be an occasion for parents to demonstrate that their love for their kids is more important than issues with an ex-partner. This can be incredibly important for strengthening the psychological support for children who live in separate homes after divorce.

There are several tips that people who are dealing with shared parenting time can keep in mind in order to create a more positive holiday environment. Even after ugly divorces, exes can have a successful co-parenting relationship that fully respects each parent's relationship with the children.

When parental responsibilities are undefined

65778758_S.jpgWhen a military marriage in Illinois dissolves, and a couple separates, they have a lot of things to think about. If they had joint bank accounts, joint property, or a joint business, they need to figure out how they're going to separate these things. The situation gets more complicated when there are children involved, especially if there has not been a legal divorce and there are no legal guidelines stipulating parental responsibilities and parenting time.

It is important for parents to understand that, before a parenting agreement is in place, both parents have rights over their children. In the absence of a formal custody arrangement, it is possible for one parent to move to another part of the country, taking the children with him or her. While most parents don't do this, as they realize that it is an act of bad faith, it does happen, putting the other parent in a very difficult position.

Domestic violence victims need support to leave and survive

29382309_S.jpgDomestic violence can be a deeply dangerous threat to people in unhealthy relationships in Illinois on both a physical and an emotional level. Abuse in a relationship is a betrayal of trust as well as a form of physical, verbal, psychological or emotional violence that frequently escalates to a point of endangering a victim's health.

Across the United States, approximately 20 people face physical abuse from their partners every minute of the day. This is a problem that affects people of all ages as nearly 1.5 million young people still in high school experience physical abuse at the hands of a partner every year. One in three teens is a victim of a sexually, emotionally, verbally or physically abusive relationship.

The military and child support

42671839_S (1).jpgSometimes getting child support from a parent can be difficult. Illinois residents who are owed child support by someone who is in the military should be aware that the regulations and processes for calculating and obtaining child support differs from those that govern non-military parents.

The process for filing an order of child support against a parent in the military begins with first determining how much income the servicemember earns. This requires an examination of the attorney general tax chart, the military pay chart and the leave and earning statement, which can be compared to a W-2.

The lingering effects of domestic violence in divorce cases

21924128_S.jpgEmotions often run high during a divorce, and the first year of separation can be particularly difficult and dangerous for estranged spouses who have been the victims of domestic violence and abuse. This is the period when decisions are made about important matters like child custody and visitation, and the lingering effects of family violence can have a profound impact on how abused victims approach these issues according to research from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Illinois.

The research, which can be found in the Journal of Family Psychology, looked into two distinct types of domestic violence. Coercive violence is what most people would think of when the subject of spousal abuse is raised, and it usually occurs when arguments over money or infidelity get heated and become violent. Controlling violence is more insidious in nature, and the parties guilty of it generally keep tight reins over the family finances and strictly regulate social contacts.

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