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Beating the holiday hum bugs

For those who have recently suffered a divorce or separation, or who are still struggling with one, the holiday season can be very gloomy. It is easy to get a case of the bah hum bugs. What is the best defense for these holiday blues? A good offense usually does the trick or at least makes the season survivable. Below you will find some steps to guide you in creating an excellent offensive plan to beat back the doom and gloom of both the Mayan calendar and the holiday blues.

  • Embrace new adventures

Your life perhaps now faces more challenges than you expected or have ever had in the past. Think of these new challenges as occasions for personal growth through new adventures. Let the newness of your life spark a zest for new adventures and opportunities. Facing these challenges head on and embracing them can assist you in finding your new path to happiness.

Father deported back to U.S. for failing to pay child support

We tend to talk about child support from a state level. However, it should be noted that when it comes to unpaid child support it can also become a federal issue. In cases where a parent is believed to be hiding out in another country, it can also lead to deportation. A conviction of failure to pay child support can also lead to things like wage garnishment, fines and even jail time.

An example of this was highlighted in the news recently when a 50-year-old father was deported back to the U.S. from the Philippines. The father supposedly owes more than $1 million in child support for his three children. These three children are from two different marriages.

Parents disagree on child support amount

A player for the Panthers claims that he has not fallen behind on any of his child support obligations, regardless of what the mother of his 2-year-old son is trying to claim. Rather, he has reportedly been paying the court-approved modified amount instead of the temporary amount he was previously paying.

According to his agent, the claim that he owes $23,000 is "frivolous" and is just an example of his ex trying to take advantage of his celebrity status.

Part 2: Handling insurance policies during divorce

In our last post we focused on handling car insurance for teen drivers during a divorce. However, this is certainly not the only insurance policy to think of when children are involved as there are also health insurance and life insurance policies that will need to be altered after the divorce.

When it comes to health insurance, parents should keep in mind that the associated costs are factored into child support payments. This means that if the mother has custody and the child is going to be on her health insurance plan, the cost the mother is paying for insurance will be factored in when a judge determines how much the father should pay in child support.

Part 1: Handling insurance policies during divorce

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to handling the many types of insurance after a divorce. Typically, especially when a couple has children, there's car insurance, life insurance and health insurance that all need to be addressed when coming to agreements and the divorce settlement. In these next two posts, we will address these main types of insurance that most parents have before, during and after a divorce.

If parents have a teenage driver in the family, the car insurance dilemma will need to be figured out. The first thing to keep in mind is that driving is a privilege. This privilege means, typically, a judge is not going to address how car insurance should be handled for the teen driver.

Tips for owning an Illinois business with an ex-spouse

Many people meet, fall in love and get married. Somewhere along the line, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, many also decide to go into business together. In fact, in 2007 it was estimated that roughly 3.7 million businesses in the country are owned by a husband and wife. So just what happens when the husband and wife decide to get a divorce? What happens to the business?

Of course, some may decide to no longer work together, even buying one spouse out. However, others actually decide that even though they are no longer married, they want to continue to run the business together.

Use brains, not emotions, during divorce

Going through a divorce is a highly emotional time. And while this is totally understandable, it is important to not allow those emotions to be the reason why financial decisions are made as these decisions can end up impacting a person for the rest of their life.

Generally, there are three main categories people going through a divorce fall into: not being informed of what they have, not being prepared to get divorced, and not thinking about how decisions will impact the future.

Comedian falls behind on child support, ordered to pay $10,000

Due to the recent recession, many fathers have found themselves in tough financial spots unable to keep up with child support payments. How this happens absolutely makes sense. However, without first obtaining a child support modification, a father can find himself facing significant criminal consequences for falling behind.

This recently happened to rather well-known comedian Joe Piscopo. Due to his profession as an actor and entertainer, his income is not always consistent. This was supposedly the reason why he fell $50,000 behind on child support payments to his ex-wife. The two have three children together.

Deported father wants custody of his 3 children

Child custody cases can get confusing enough. However, throw in immigration law and accusations of child abuse and the entire situation can quickly become even more complicated.

One father, who was deported back to Mexico two years ago, was recently in the U.S. to attend a child custody hearing. This hearing was after his wife, who is currently in jail, lost custody of the couple's three children. It was determined she is an unfit parent.

Child support frustrations for Illinois father

One Illinois father and his wife are finally starting to see the light at the end of the child support tunnel. But this is only after years of frustration and complications where the man was paying his ex-girlfriend child support for his twin daughters, yet the state was messing up what he owed and how much he should be paying.

Looking back at what happened, the Illinois father was paying child support for more than 10 years to his ex-girlfriend. Everything was running smoothly until 2009 when his ex-girlfriend moved to Mississippi. This was after she already moved several times between different states.

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