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Domestic Violence Archives

Illinois judge denies protection order, says abuser 'loves' victim

21924135_S.jpgFar too many people in Illinois suffer domestic abuse in silence. Some believe their abusive spouse or partner will change, or may fear even worse violence if they try to leave. It can take a lot of courage to escape abuse and take legal steps to protect yourself from your abuser.

The holiday season can also be a time for family violence

35442417_S.jpgWhile most households throughout Missouri and Illinois met the holiday season with joy and laughter, this sadly wasn't the case for all families. In fact, the holiday season often sees an uptick in family violence cases. The stress of finances, family gatherings and many other issues can be a hot button for arguments; some leading to violence in the home.

Case highlights issue of sexual abuse, visitation rights, P.2

6612052_S.jpgIn our last post, we began looking at the case of an imprisoned father who was able to have adoption proceedings stopped on the grounds that he did not, in fact, abandon his children, despite his imprisonment on charges that he molested his daughter. It remains to be seen how the case will proceed at this point, but a likely outcome is that the mother and stepfather will end up going to the county attorney to file a termination of parental rights request.

Spousal abuse allegations, Part 2: the need to tread carefully

31397969_S.jpgOur earlier blog post this week introduced the subject of marital abuse accusations, noting that, while they are often entirely accurate, they can sometimes also be delivered falsely pursuant to one party's intent to gain some type of advantage in a family law matter (please see our May 26 entry).

Spousal abuse allegations must be investigated, but carefully

26561992_S.jpgWe take a two-part look this week at a singular aspect of divorce proceedings -- or, alternatively, what is sometimes just an isolated and unfortunate development for some families -- that can yield starkly dire consequences for one or both spouses in a marriage.

Do you know the signs of domestic violence?

16418055_S.jpgMany people reading this may assume that the moment they are involved in a domestic dispute with a loved one, is the moment that relationship is over. As recent news stories regarding domestic violence indicate, for some, the matter can be more complicated than that. While it can happen to either sex, in general women are on the receiving end of the abuse. In fact, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health, it is the leading cause of injury to U.S. women. Because of this it is important to recognize the signs and when possible get out of the relationship early. In this post we will discuss some of those signs.

US Senate holds hearing on family violence and pro sports

8726426_S.jpgDomestic violence can impact people from all walks of life, all ages and is not a gender specific issue. In Missouri and Illinois, like every other state, family violence can be a matter in divorce, in restraining order hearing and other areas of law. Allegations, whether true or false, are not matters that should be taken lightly. We discussed the issue of domestic violence in September, pointing out that domestic violence has impact on all age groups and both genders.

Domestic violence: the predominant health problem in the U.S.?

We all know that domestic violence is a recurring concern of some magnitude across the country. That sad reality has been made especially apparent recently by the explosive arrival of successive abuse-related stories involving professional athletes.

Domestic violence allegations and defense: how a lawyer can help

21924135_S.jpgImagine this situation. Your Illinois or Missouri family life with your spouse or significant other has turned abusive. Perhaps that abuse is physical and marked by punching, kicking and other violent acts. Perhaps it is emotional, being primarily characterized by threats, demeaning language and other actions that materially lessen your self-esteem. Or maybe it is financial; some partners in a relationship insist on total control over all money matters, precluding their mates from even possessing cash in any amount.

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