The divorce process can be incredibly taxing in many ways. The legal process is time-consuming, expensive, and stressful, and the emotional side of divorce can take an extreme psychological toll, even if you are certain your marriage needs to end. Unfortunately, the emotional aspects of divorce compel some individuals to make critical mistakes during their divorce proceedings. This is why it is so important to have a reliable Metro East, IL divorce attorney on your side as you navigate the dissolution process.

Consider the following list of mistakes to avoid so you can better appreciate the value of reliable legal counsel as you begin your divorce proceedings:

One: Failing to Hire an Attorney in the First Place

Too many people make the mistake of believing they can handle their divorce proceedings on their own and save money on legal fees. The reality is that your divorce attorney can look out for your best interests and apply Illinois divorce laws favorably throughout your divorce proceedings. If you do not hire an attorney to represent you, you are putting yourself at an extreme disadvantage, especially if your spouse has hired legal counsel of their own.

The right Metro East, IL divorce attorney can have a tremendously positive impact on your divorce case. If you are concerned about the cost of your legal fees, the reality is that you stand to lose much more in the outcome of your divorce than you could save on legal fees if you do not hire an attorney.

Two: Allowing Emotions to Cloud Judgment

If your marriage broke down due to your spouse’s bad behavior, such as infidelity, gambling, or constant fighting, you may feel as though you need to make them pay for their actions by being as intransigent as you possibly can during your divorce proceedings. While it may not sit well with you in light of your spouse’s past transgressions, it’s vital to understand the legal side of divorce and the fact that the court has no real concern for the personal issues between the two of you. The only exceptions to this would be cases of domestic violence; in these situations, your spouse’s past behavior will certainly have a material effect on the outcome of your divorce.

It’s best to rely on your Metro East, IL divorce attorney if the emotional tension in your divorce is too much for you to handle and remain objective about the situation. Your attorney can manage correspondence with your spouse’s legal counsel on your behalf and minimize the amount of interaction you are forced to have with them throughout your divorce proceedings.

Three: Attempting to Hide Assets

Financial disclosure is a major part of any divorce, even if you and your spouse have limited assets. Unfortunately, some divorcing spouses will attempt to hide some assets to prevent their division in divorce proceedings. This is not a good idea and will almost certainly result in severe penalties for the person attempting it. Depending on the nature of the obfuscation, the party attempting to hide assets could even face criminal prosecution for fraud.

Your Metro East, IL divorce lawyer can help you ensure your financial disclosure is complete and accurate. Even if you make honest mistakes in providing this information, these issues can cause significant delays in your divorce proceedings. Your attorney can also consult with financial experts on your behalf if you are heading for a high net worth divorce case or if your divorce involves complex financial issues that you are unsure how to address.

Four: Refusing to Consider Alternative Dispute Resolution

It’s not uncommon for divorcing spouses to feel so bitterly toward one another that they are almost looking forward to divorce proceedings. Some may even want to drag out their cases to exact the greatest financial toll they possibly can on their soon-to-be exes. This is never a good idea, and refusing to compromise will only work against you in the long run.

Alternative dispute resolution like mediation is possible for any divorcing couple, even spouses who are completely uninterested in peaceful and civil negotiations. Mediation allows both spouses to put their divorce behind them more quickly, with less expense, and with greater control over the outcome of their divorce. A good Metro East, IL divorce attorney will encourage their client to consider mediation, even if it is only for part of their divorce case. This will streamline the overall process and increase the chances of securing a favorable and reasonable result.

Five: Rushing to Accept a Divorce Settlement

Many divorcing spouses find themselves eager to move past their divorce cases and experience fresh starts in their lives. Unfortunately, this causes some to overlook important aspects of the divorce process and accept divorce settlements that do not serve their best interests. While you may be looking forward to finalizing your divorce and restarting your life, it is best to take the time necessary for ensuring a fair and reasonable outcome with the help of an experienced Metro East, IL divorce lawyer.

Your attorney will help you explore all issues that require your consideration during the divorce process. This ultimately helps to ensure a better outcome to the process, no matter what personal issues your divorce case entails. A good attorney will explore every available avenue for streamlining the divorce process, including mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution that may apply better to your situation.

Hire an Attorney and Approach Divorce With Confidence

Every divorce case is unique, and no two divorce cases will unfold exactly the same way. Avoiding the aforementioned common mistakes can make the divorce process easier, but the best thing you can do to streamline your divorce and avoid these issues is to hire a reliable attorney to represent you.

If you are concerned about how your divorce will play out, the best thing you can do is to hire an experienced Metro East, IL divorce lawyer as soon as possible to start working on your case. The sooner you hire an experienced attorney to represent you, the clearer the picture you can get of your divorce and the unique issues it will entail.