Often a family court focus: parental relocation with children

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Thursday, July 9, 2015.

The writer of a recent and instructive media piece on divorce and children makes reference to subject matter that “is among the thorniest issues family law courts face.”

At first blush, many readers of our blog in Illinois and elsewhere might have widely varied ideas on what that focal concern of courts might be.

Domestic abuse might readily come to mind for some people, with the sad fact being that violence in the home is indeed a sobering concern for some families.

Drug and alcohol abuse, too, can splinter a family, even in cases where an abusing parent unquestionably loves and is seeking to provide for a child.

What the aforementioned writer centrally focuses upon, though, is a front-and-center child custody-related reality that faces many divorced couples with children, namely this: the need for a custodial parent to relocate with the children, thus resulting in further distance between a noncustodial parent and his or her kids.

Sometimes that move is just across town. In the United States, though, it is just as likely to be a relocation involving a journey to another city or state.

The result can obviously be that a child’s contact with a noncustodial parent — especially when a sudden relocation moves that child a thousand miles or more away — becomes tenuous.

And thus that above reference to a family law judge, who must consider the best interests of the child.

Parental relocation with children is a subject that a concerned parent might want to broach with a proven family law attorney commanding considerable experience in child custody-related matters. There can be a number of things to think about.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Helping kids cope with post-divorce move,” Helena Oliverio (Atlanta-Journal Constitution), July 8, 2015

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