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May 2016 Archives

How a prenup or postnup could help you and your spouse

26742284_S.jpgHave you ever thought about a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement for your upcoming marriage or ongoing marriage? These contracts have a reputation, and that often leads to many couples ignoring their potential benefits. But times have changed, and the idea that these contracts lead to more in-fighting and are "against love" simply aren't true. People realize their utility now.

3 tips for getting through your military divorce

38310302_S.jpgDivorce is almost always complicated, but when one or both spouses are in the military, things tend to get even more difficult to sort out. Few civilians have to deal with the same complications in child custody and relocation, and then there is figuring out the division of military benefits.

How men can better their chances in custody battles

6121257_S.jpgThe perceived advantage that women appear to have in family court has confounded fathers for decades. However, traditional gender roles have dramatically changed as American families have evolved. More women are breadwinner (especially in single parent homes), and more men have chosen to stay home and raise kids. Moreover, there are more families where both parents work outside the home. Nevertheless, the bias and perceived advantage that women appear to have in family court has not seen such a change.

An affair won't get you in trouble at work, unless you're a judge

While an affair by a married person can tear his or her family apart once the person’s spouse finds out about it, there are few legal consequences for infidelity in 21st Century Illinois. For the vast majority of people, the only time cheating on their spouse might directly cost them is in a child custody dispute, when the other spouse might use the affair as evidence that the cheating spouse is not a fit parent.

2 charged with defrauding child support system, parents

37197042_S.jpgIt can be frustrating and frightening when your ex falls behind on child support. Most custodial parents count on that money to help them pay for their children's basic needs. So when the money does not arrive, it is natural to be tempted to listen to anybody who says they can help.

Should I use social media during divorce? Probably not.

41862079_S.jpgYou have probably heard a lot recently about social media and how it can actually influence couples' feelings about each other. Just a quick Google search will show you just how many stories are out there on the topic of the link between social media and divorce.

Is crowdfunding your divorce necessary?

36086326_S (1).jpgThese days, if you have a favorite cause or promising business idea, instead of trying to get a charitable grant or a loan from the bank, you turn to crowdfunding. Websites like Kickstarter let you solicit donations from the public, often in exchange for gifts, until you reach a predetermined goal.

Could you share a 'birdnest' for your kids with your ex?

4444735_S.jpgTraditional child custody arrangements involve sending the children between their parents' homes, whether the parents share custody equally or one parent is limited to visitation time. Recently, some divorced parents are trying a different arrangement: the children live at one home, and the parents are the ones shuttling in and out.

When can you seek a custody modification

21618005_S.jpgThe troubles you had during your marriage are supposed to go away after your divorce is finalized, but if you have children with your ex-spouse, you may still have difficulties as co-parents. This may also mean that the differences you had while you were married may still exist when it comes to the kids. In fact, your ex may still try to needle you by criticizing your parenting choices and making threats about continued court intervention if you don't change your parenting decisions.

Is there pet custody in Illinois divorce law?

For parents getting divorced, often the most i10761672_S.jpgmportant and difficult thing to decide is what to do about the children. Sharing child custody means not getting to see your kids part of the time, but giving sole custody to one parent, with visitation rights to the other, can put a large burden on the custodial parent, and severely restrict the relationship the other parent has with his or her kids.

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