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On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Tuesday, September 8, 2015.

Whether an individual is going through a divorce or break up, everything changes when a child is involved. A child forever bonds two individuals together, even when both would rather part ways forever and have absolutely nothing to do with one another. For a parent, the end of a marriage or relationship with a child’s mother or father means that an agreement with regard to child custody and visitation must be made.

When a minor-aged child is involved, parents should do everything in their power to set aside personal differences and attempt to do what’s best for a son or daughter. It’s best, therefore, when conflicts can be avoided and parents are able to agree upon the terms of custody and visitation. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible and some child custody cases grow extremely contentious.

While most people would likely agree that it’s in a child’s best interest to be able to see and spend time with both parents, some parents attempt to shut the other parent out of a child’s life and petition for sole physical and legal custody. Any parent who is faced with the prospect of never or rarely seeing a child or having a say in a child’s life, is likely to feel fearful and angry.

Once certain child custody terms are determined, it can be difficult to successfully petition for changes in the future. This type of scenario is one that many divorcing or single fathers face as they may feel pressured or guilted into agreeing to certain custody terms which ultimately end up robbing them of precious time with a child and legal control over important matters that impact a child’s life.

For parents in Madison County who are dealing with child custody issues, an attorney who handles family law and child custody matters can provide sound legal advice and strong legal advocacy.

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