What can be done about oppressive child support payments?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Support on Saturday, June 4, 2016.

Most fathers who are assigned a child support obligation may think that they are paying too much. After all, the obligation may not always reflect the cost of diapers and formula, clothing and of course, the costs surrounding transportation. And depending on how old a child may be, the inconsequential costs continue to add up.

Despite the sticker shock, fathers must understand the amount to be paid in monthly child support is comprised of three elements: basic support, which traditionally goes towards food and clothing; medical support, which helps defray the costs medical treatments and other health care costs; and child care support, which is for day care expenses.

Daycare costs should have parents of young children concerned. Washington Post report highlighted places annual cost of child care was more expensive than a year of college tuition at a public university. Not surprisingly, child care was more expensive than college in more than 30 states.

Given the costs of daycare in Missouri, it would not be surprising that parents pay on average more than $5000 (or more) for day care expenses each year. When this is added to the costs assigned to food, clothing and health care, it is no wonder than those who pay child support may balk at the amount assigned.

Because of this, courts may consider a number of factors in determining whether to deviate from guideline support assignments. An experienced family law attorney can review a father’s situation to determine if a deviation can be achieved.

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